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Monday, September 26, 2005
Texans Update
As promised Hassan came attended the team meeting today to address Joe's absence from our game. He said that if it happens again, Joe will cease be the girl's coach. He also said that Joe will coach only one 90 team instead of the two that he had. Its kinda sad in one way, because EVERYONE loves Joe. But at the same time, this is a no brainer - if you are gonna be a pro coach, then ya gotta be able to get to the game.

If this gets Joe to the games, then I will be pleased.

Marissa is not natural soccer player. She works hard, but she is small and she does not have an instinct for the game. I believe in girls soccer. Soccer provides lessons for the real world: Teamwork, Rules, Authority, etc. So it is important that she understand that if you don't make the game that there are consequences whether you are the coach or the player.

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