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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Brewers Note - 1.054 SG
Todays batch resulted in a 1.054 specific gravity. That is exactly the same as the last batch. In spite of that, this batch should have a decidedly different character due the use of completely different hops. I also used 12 grams of Saaz for finishing rather than the 8 grams that I had planned. It turns out that I still have one more Hallertau plug in spite of my earlier comments.

Fran got a bit upset with me today. As I was planning my brew this morning, I commented that I could use a good digital scale that weighed down to the gram and that such a scale would make a great Xmas present. Fran looked at me the way only a wife can look. Then she marched over to one of our cabinets and dug out a box that contained a digital scale. She thrust that scale into my hands and said, "Do you mean like this one that I gave for Xmas last year??"

ehhh, yeah just like that....

The new scale is awesome, BTW. Its a Phillips Essence 2394. Highly Recommended.

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