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Saturday, October 01, 2005
Reagan Kelley Learns 9-1-1
Reagan Kelley is learning about 9-1-1 in Kindergarten. She has learned a song to help her remember: "Fire, Fire Lizzy McGuire." Now I am not sure how that helps her remember 9-1-1 but is sure is cute.

When Marissa was five and learning about 9-1-1, I had to travel to Europe quite frequently. Once when I was in the UK, Marissa called 9-1-1 and asked to speak with her Daddy. Now that was interesting!

Logan, who is the most analytical of the three, came home from school petrified. She was shaking and would not talk. She became hysterical at bed time and stayed up half the night screaming and crying. Finally, I was able to calm her down and she explained that they were learning about fire and 9-1-1 and she explained that she was scared that there would be a fire and she would not know what to do. So I had to walk her around the house and show her the smoke detectors in each room before she finally calmed down and realized that she was safe.

PS:Both Fran and Logan remember a different version of the last story - they think it was Fran that walked around the house soothing the freaked out kid. That's certainly not my recollection. But old age has taken a toll.

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