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Sunday, October 16, 2005
SuperBlue - 1 Celtics - 5
Two weeks ago we moved divisions in order to get more competition. This team gave us problems last year. Well they gave us problems again this year. The girls passed the ball around pretty well but they need to be a step faster when they play more difficult teams.

Logan sat in the first quarter. In the second quarter she played midfield. Logan is fast, and she is really good about running down players when they break away. She had a great play where she stole the ball from the other team on their side of the field, she dribbled the ball across the field and on to their side. Then made a perfect down field pass to the forward.

In the third quarter Logan played keeper. This week she started complaining about playing keeper. Thursday, she passed on the opportunity to train with the keeper coach, opting to train with the team. She told me that she was bored playing keeper. That was understandable as she had several games in keeper this year where she never touched the ball! Today was different. She got beat on a breakaway and almost made the stop. And she had a short punt which was picked up by the Celtics who drove for the easy goal. That was balanced by a bunch of excellent stops and three punts that went over the midfield line!

In the forth quarter Logan played sweeper, which is her natural position. Logan loves to stop the offense. She is really good at taking the ball away and getting it upfield to her players. She is patient too - she was play her position rather than running all over the field.

In the soccer world Logan is classified as a 99 (under 7), which is mostly first graders. She is playing a year 'up' with the 98's (U-8) which is mostly second graders like her. On Friday Logan practices with the SuperBlue 99's since she will be eventually playing with them (in North Texas players are not allowed to play up in U-11 and U-12). The 97's practice at the same time as the 99's and the coaches let Logan move between the groups as she sees fit. For the past couple of weeks she had been practicing with the 99's. This week she was with the 97's. During practice she went 1 on 1 with one of the biggest 97's and she faked her out and stole the ball from her. One of the moms complimented Logan about that.

After Friday's practice Coach Don told me that they would start the 99 team soon and that Logan could continue to play with the 98s if she wanted to, but that she should definitely play with the 99s since she will be unstoppable there. Logan doesn't see it that way though. To her it is insulting to ask her to play with the 'little' kids. I can see I'm going to have a bunch of work to get her to see this picture differently.

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