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Sunday, October 30, 2005
SuperBlue - 3 Blue Lightning - 0
Logan and I arrived a bit early and had a great one on one warmup. We did some passing drills and then some one on one keepaway. As we were doing this Kimber, our manager walked up to me and said very quietly, "Don might not make it. He is sending Dave to coach the game. He asked that you warm up the team." Right!

So I called the girls together, and had them do some quick dribbling exercises to warm up then some stretching, and then some shooting. The ref came over and lined them up for a equipment check. This is really an outstanding and exceptional undertaking for the ref. But in all my years of youth soccer, I have never had a ref line up the girls like that!

Then it was time for the coin flip. No coach Dave. Then it was time to start the game. No coach Dave. You can see where this is going, right? Back in my coaching days, I had a system for figuring out which players to play and making sure everyone got even playing time. I used a notepad to keep track of who played in each Quarter and which position they played. I started to panic, because I did not have my notepad. I needed to focus. Ok.

First I sent Logan in at goal. She needed to get her keeper jersey on so that would occupy her for a few minutes. Then I sent the two best forwards in at forward. Then the I sent on two mid fielders. Finally I sent on two defenders including Holly.

We had won the kickoff and the team pressed forward quickly. We drew first blood within a couple of minutes. They drove the ball to our end and Logan had two very nice stops followed by two great punts. Both of these punts when to the midfield line. One of them rolled all the way to the other keeper. Logan was pretty proud afterwards. "Did you see that Dad? I almost scored a goal from keeper position with that punt. That would have been cool!"

Before the end of the quarter, Coach Dave showed up. Thank heavens. I handed the game over to him and walked to the parent side of the field. I got a nice round of applause from the other parents.

Logan played defender the second quarter. Rode the bench in the third quarter and played forward in the fourth quarter. This was her best effort at forward that I can remember. She likes to play back, but yesterday she ran into the goal box on attack and was right there ready take some shots. I was very pleased with her game.

Holly, had some really great plays as a defender. After the game I told Holly's mom how well I thought she played. She reluctantly agreed. She told me that she played defender well even though she usually plays forward. I thought that was a weird comment. Later I realized that she was telling me that I put her in the wrong the place on field. At this age, I don't believe in assigning positions. Nor does coach Don. In fact Miss Holly played defender very well! It is this aspect of the game which turned me off to coaching. Parents. Sheesh.

Important Note: Coach Chris was the coach of record for the winning goal. You got that. Right?

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