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Saturday, October 01, 2005
SuperBlue - 5 Groovy Girls - 1
Marissa's game conflicted with Logan's game this week. As such this report is being filed on hearsay. The PSA has two Second Grade Girls divisions. We had been playing in Division 1 and as noted in previous posts, we have not had much competition. Meanwhile over in Division 2 there are several academy teams and some teams that gave us problems last year. So after last weekend's massacre coach Don moved us to Division 2. The Groovy Girls are NOT an academy team and so hopefully the other teams will provide more competition.

Anyway, Logan recorded another shutout in Goal - Both Fran and Logan say that was mostly because Superblue kept the ball pinned on the opponents side of the field. Logan said they won 3-1, Fran said it was 5-1. Neither was paying much attention to the score.

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