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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Texans - 0 FC Texas Red - 1
The Skins lost a heartbreaker this weekend at Denver by two points. Interestingly, at one point in the second half, the Skins had Denver pinned inside their five yard line. Jake the Snake, fumbled the ball in the endzone. The Skins recovered and were awarded a safety. Denver appealed the ruling and amazingly, the call was reversed without any basis in the rules of play. The two points was of course the difference in the game.

Monday night, some squalls were moving through Dallas. Just as the Marissa's game was about to kick off, a line of showers pelted the field. Everyone was scrambling to get their jackets on and open umbrellas and so forth when the ref started the game. Immediately FC went on the attack and quickly scored. The Texans had only ten players on the field; one short. IT IS THE REFS JOB TO COUNT THE PLAYERS ON THE FIELD BEFORE THE START OF THE GAME. This did not occur. Coach Joe also missed it, as he was trying to get his jacket on due to the rain.

The Texans promptly added the missing player and spent the rest of the game on FC's side of the field, but were unable to make up the lone goal.

The Texans, like the Redskins, were unable to overcome a horrific job of officiating.

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