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Sunday, October 16, 2005
Texans - 0 United FC - 0
A while back Coach Joe, who is from Ghana told me that African coaches never loose to British coaches. United is not a big club in the area. In all of our years of competitive soccer we had never seen a team from "United". So we did not know much about them or what to expect.

The girls played this team well, but as it was against FC Dallas the girls did not allow a goal, but they could not convert a goal either. On Monday the refs demonstrated a lack of understanding of the rules. Yesterday the first half ended after 25 minutes instead of the 30 that are required. It is amazing to me that the refs generally have no concept of the rules in this league.

Marissa played 15 minutes of the 55 and did well. She was pleased with her efforts so that's worth something too.

After the game, one of the parents hosted a get together at their house for the team including a sleep over for the girls. I continue to be impressed with the parents in this group. I think that the sleep over will help the teammansship of these girls.

Before the game Coach Joe asked me if I knew anything about this team. One of their mom's had told me that their coach was British. So I told Joe, "Well Joe, they have a British coach." Then I reminded me of what he had told previously, "And as you know Joe, African Coaches never loose to British Coaches. So I think that's all we need to know!" Joe laughed and looked at me said, "that's true!" And his streak continues.

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