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Sunday, October 02, 2005
Texans - 2 Tornadoes - 2
After the drama of last week, I was pretty dejected when I went to handicap this game. The first match up I looked at was Everton Silver. We scored a goal early against the toffies but they matched it in the last five minutes for a 1-1 draw. The Tornadoes beat them 5-0 or 5-1. I was not optimistic about the results of the match.

In spite of my assessment, the girls came out strong and scored a goal early. Then they scored again to take a two goal lead at 20 minutes. This team has never in its short history had a two goal lead! They were in uncharted waters. The half ended at with the girls leading 2-0.

Marissa played the last 10 minutes of the first half and then started the second half. She had a bunch of great touches on the ball. Playing forward, she received a pass from a defender right at the center of midfield. She one touched the ball 90 degrees to the side of the field. It was a nice play and she received several compliments from the parents watching the game. Later she got the ball about halfway between the right post and the corner. She made a perfect pass across the goal, putting the ball right at the feet of her teammate Carolyn. Carolyn was unable to convert. The play was very similar the one she made two weeks ago when she assisted Tori on a goal.

At 45 minutes the Tornadoes staged a very nice attack which resulted in a goal. After that, they had a break away where our keeper missed the ball, but Tori was able to clear it. I felt like we were having a divine intervention.

At 58 minutes, they got another breakaway. Our keeper came out to play the ball but hesitated at the edge of the box. She had the ball in her hands, but it squirted out and they scored. This is the fifth time that we have given up a goal in the last five minutes.

So we came away with a draw. BUT, they team played at new level. The girls kept their positions on the field. And they played with a new intensity. They are on the verge of getting to the next level of play.

Marissa did not want to go to today's game. She threw a big huge hissy fit before we left the house. Part of her issue was with Dan. After the game she was much happier, although she told me told me that she wanted to play with her friends from her old rec team next year. I asked Marissa if it felt good to be up 2-0. She admitted that was fun. Then she got really mad when she pointed out that she delivered the winning goal to Carolyn. I was happy to see her competitive spirit kicking in.

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