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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Two New Wires
Thursday morning I was back to Dr. B. Since my last visit I had not lost any brackets!

When I arrived they did a panoramic xray. I took a look at the film and noticed that the wire on the lower right moved significantly upward as it approached my molar. It made that tooth look like it was out of place. For several weeks that wire had been popping out of the bracket. I had called them about this and they told me to use something to fit wire back into the bracket. At first I had used some tweezers. Then as I grew more bold, I used some curved hemostats. Well I pointed this out on the xray and they told me that I had bent the wire. Dr. B. asked me if I had been eating nuts - suggesting that this was the cause. I exercised my right to not to self incriminate on the nut question. Then I suggested the bent wire occured when I was forcing it back in the bracket with the hemostats. They didn't buy that. I swear that's what happenned.

Probably as punishment, Dr. B decided to give me two new SQUARE wires! Acckkkk. The Torture Wire was a square wire!! Yikes. Run!!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were pretty bad. The pain has largely subsided now. Thankfully. Also of interest is that I have not lost any brackets in the the last few days - which was the trend before; I'd get a new wire then BAMO the brackets would start popping off.

It should be something like four more months.

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