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Monday, November 21, 2005
Dallas Texans Fall Festival
The girls entered the Texans Fall Festival last weekend. They played three games on Saturday as result of that decision. There were eight teams in their group composed of two brackets of four teams each. The girls lost their first game 0-3 against WF Express. The Express play in LHCL Division 2. That was the best result that they have ever posted against a D2 team! Next they lost 0-5 against Lubbock LoneStar. It turns out that Lonestar are the league winners for the West Texas Classic League. Finally they lost 0-2 against Waco United. United are a LHCL D3 team.

Now the interesting thing is that Lonestar and Express both advanced to the finals, meaning that we drew the tougher of the two brackets. It was a tough day, but the girls should be proud of their play.

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