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Saturday, November 05, 2005
Logan Scores....Twice!
Yesterday's games were the last ones of the fall season for both Marissa and Logan. In Logan's match there were two interesting themes that played out.

Soccer age groups run from August to July. Logan was born the first week of August which means that she is the oldest player in her group - which are commonly referred to as 99's. Most 99's are in the first grade. Logan is the second grade so for the last two years she has played a year 'up' with the 98's making her one of the youngest players on the field. Logan is going to start playing with 99's this fall. It has been a tough mental transition for her to make. Yesterday's match was against Solar's 99 academy team.

Before the game I told Logan that we would be playing a 99 club so most of the opposing players would be younger than her. She told me that she wanted to play on the field, not keeper, if that were the case. So before the match, she went over to Coach Don to tell him the same thing.

Logan started at forward and won the second of our four goals. In the third quarter she played forward again and added our third goal of the match. It was a pretty big day for her, as Logan had not scored a goal in match in quite a long time. I think that she is getting mentally ready to play on the 99 squad!

The other theme in yesterday's match was an inept referee. The game is composed of four 12 and half minute quarters. After about 20 minutes into the match the ref refused to call a quarter. So Don pulled our players from the field. There was lots of heated discussion between the ref and the coaches. Our parents told me to be prepared to coach as it was not looking good for Don! Later in the match we had the ball pressed on Solar's side of the field when one of their players kicked the ball across the end line. The ref signaled goal kick. I shouted, "you gotta be kidding me," and the ref changed his signal to corner kick. One of the solar moms looked over at me and said, "I think he heard you!". Later in the game Solar made a long kick from their side to ours. Amanda, our keeper, ran out of the penalty box and played the ball up the field to our backs. The ref called a foul on Amanda for, get this, coming out of the penalty box! Don was trying not to go completely nuts and just turned around and walked away. I was unsure as to what the ref called, so even I kept my mouth shut - how do you heckle the ref when he is making up new rules? The ref then spotted the ball where the back received the pass - which is totally weird - but then again when you make up the rules as you go along, what the heck.

Solar beat us 6 to 4. They were fast. But in was a great game for Logan with two goals.

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