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Saturday, December 31, 2005
Here is where we stand today...
I took Logan and Reagan to their game this morning at O-Dark-Thirty. Their team pretty much demolished The Strikers something like 11-3. Logan had a goal and three assists. Reagan played much better than she has recently - she was moving around a lot more. Today was the first game that Dave did not ask Logan to play keeper.

When I got home I attempted to organize my office. I say attempted, since I was not successful.

I took the SIX speakers for Fran's truck back to Wal*Mart and came home with four correct ones. I installed one of the four in the truck.

I am trying to figure out where we are going to eat before tonight's game (Stars v Kings.)

Also I should note that I have locked up second place (out of seven) in my fantasy football league. Last year against the same yahoos I finished fifth.

Here is the remaining status of the Honey Do list:

* Fix the stupid plug on Fran's laptop
* Fit more new parts on the motorcycle
* Get two more correctly fitting speakers for Frans Truck
* Replace the five speakers in Fran's truck
* Rotate the tires on my truck
* Fix the OS on Big Daddy
* Fix the stupid Tivo
* Fix Marissa's very smart computer (its apparently running slow)
* Take Fran to the Stars Game on News Years Eve

Here is the list of stuff that is now done:

* Clean the air cleaner on my truck
* Paint and caulk the gable vents
* Fix the garage door: Phase A, Phase B.
* Take down all the Christmas Decorations and stick them in the attic
* Install the Kuryakyn Levers, mirrors and covers on the motorcycle
* Purchase Fran an organizer
* Replace the stupid fuel filter in my truck
* Replace the stupid fuel filter in Chuck's truck
* Install the new faucet and valves in the kitchen
* Fix the stupid leak at the rent house: Phase A, Phase B
* Get kicked off the company ski team.
* Get tickets to the Stars Game
* Give Amy the HFN
* Take Marissa to her soccer game
* Return the stupid SIX wrong speakers for Frans Truck
* Get four more correctly fitting speakers for Frans Truck
* Replaced one of six speakers in Fran's truck
* Get up at O-Dark-Thirty and Take the kids to soccer on News Years Eve

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