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Sunday, January 15, 2006
Learning a new thing
So the plan was to ride down to the bike shop on Saturday, get fitted to the bike, and ride home. But the tires seemed a bit soft. So I tried to pump them up. But they have some kinda weird valve that did not match anything I had in my garage. My futile efforts to sort this problem out, only resulted in further loss of air from the tire.

New plan. Toss the bike into the back of the truck and drive to the bike shop. Kelly put me on the bike, adjusted the seat, and proclaimed me fitted. She taught me to snap in my boots to the pedals and she told me that I would fall over once or twice and not to worry, but to try to remember to snap out of the pedal before stopping. Kelley sold me a pump so that I could put air in the tires with the weird valves.

Back home I took the bike for a spin around the neighborhood. No problem. I even remembered to snap out of the clips. Until I got home that is. I rode right up the front walk. Stopped. Fell over. Sheesh. How embarrassing.

Then Marissa got out her uncool bike and we went to the park. We rode around for about an hour and came home.

Sunday Morning. O-Dark-Thirty. The Freaking Cat pounces over Fran and attacks me. What the heck? She had never done anything like that before. Fran sez, "what did you do to the cat?" Nothin! Honest. Anyway it was time to get up and meet Terry for the ride.

I pushed the bike out the door. Snapped in and fell over into the bushes. Sheesh. It was 15 minutes before Terry was due to show up, but I figured I better do a lap around the neighborhood to make sure I was dressed ok. I took a right into the hood and there was a bike approaching. Perfect Timing. So Terry and I logged about 24 miles in 100 minutes. I survived. Hopefully not slowing down Terry too much. And certainly the longest aerobic workout I've done since April!

So I am now officially on my way into this weird new world of the bike. If I can just remember to snap out of my clips, I might even survive!

LOL! A lot of inner tubes are coming with presta valves now instead of schraeder valves. You can get a pump with both valve heads - they have two holes where you connect to the inner tube.

At least you fell at home. This always happens to me the first time out in a season. At least there was no road rash.

Have fun!
So far, loving it!
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