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Sunday, January 22, 2006
One More Honey-Do Nailed
One of the original items on my Honey-Do list was to "Fix The Stupid Plug on Fran's Laptop". If you were following closely you will have noticed how I skillfully avoided working on this item, while substituting new items into the original list and then working on those new items instead. The problem with her computer was that the power plug was no longer transferring juice to the computer. I've seen this problem before on other laptops. Usually the plug is cracked or it has simply worked itself off of the motherboard (broken soldier joints.) It was the later scenario which I suspected for Fran's computer.

Fixing this problem requires complete disassembly of the laptop to extract the motherboard. Then soldiering the existing or new connector. Then reassembly. For those who have never taken apart a laptop computer, let me just say that it is not for the faint of heart. There are a gazillion little tiny screws, and lots of strange connectors, most of them teeny tiny small. And there are far more parts than you would ever imagine. So this was not a job I was excited about doing. Plus we have four other laptops scattered about the house; its not like she was kicked off line or anything.

But, Fran wanted HER computer back in operation. So yesterday I fixed that sucker. Sheesh.

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