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Friday, January 13, 2006
Today I went to the pool, which I verified is 25 meters, and knocked out 1000 meters in 45 minutes.

Update: 100 free, 2x50 Free, 2x50 back, 4x50 Free, 2x50 back, 4x50 Free, 2x50 back, 25 Free, 3x75 kickboard.

Yesterday, I did 40 minutes of jogging over at Sting.

Wednesday, I did 45 minutes on the bike at the club.

Tuesday was an off day.

Monday I did 45 minutes of jogging at Sting.

Tomorrow, I am going to take the new bike to back to the shop to be fitted on it - not sure what the hell that means. But I do know I gotta buy some clips and shoes - so I will definitely fit those on there. The bike shop is probably 7 miles from home. So I'll ride there and back. That will be my tune up ride.

Then Sunday, Terry is coming over and I'll have my first official ride with him.

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