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Sunday, February 05, 2006
67 Minutes on the bike
The workout machine ground to a halt on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday I felt like I needed a rest after the four days before. Friday, work consipired against me getting in some work. And Saturday was spent at the soccer pitch.

Today was kind of a slow day. I was not feeling that great most of the day. Finally, late in the day, I decided to get the bike down and go for a ride. I pulled the bike down and discovered that the front tire was flat. Drats. Reagan and I made a quick run to the bike store and I picked up a couple of tubes, and a magnetic pickup which fits on the aero spokes that I have on my ride. I quickly changed the tube and adjusted the new pickup and voila, the bike was ready.

It was 5:30, so I figured that I could squeeze in an hour ride at least. The computer had it in 67 minutes and 31K (19.2 Miles), with a max speed of 43KPH. The Polar had my Ave HR at 148 and Max HR at 169. GMapsPedometer had it at 18.8 Miles.

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