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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Gimme some Mud Bugs!
Julia finally turned up in Dallas again! She dragged Wayne and Steve down here from Beantown and we all headed to Aw Shucks, one of the great spots in Dallas. Its been a while since I had been down there. I am happy to report its the same fantastic spot as always.

Anyway Wayne wanted some buffalo wings, but for crying out loud, its a freaking oyster bar and seafood joint! So he settled for some Catfish and some fried oysters. Steve went for a plate of Hot Spiced Shrimp. Julia and I ordered up a plate of Bugs.

The Oysters were huge and delicious. Unreal. Shrimp and Catfish also great. I had to train Steve on how to eat a Bug (Suck Head, Eat Tail). Wayne was not having anything to do with that!

Then Julia looks at me and sez, "do you like Raw Oysters?" Wayne was like, "I don't do Raw." Steve was silent.

"Hell Yeah"! So we split a Dozen Half Shells. Yum. Yum.

And of course all washed down with some Dos XX Lager on Tap and excellent conversation.


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