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Friday, February 10, 2006
Off to India
I had delayed the inevitable for as long as possible. A week from tomorrow I am off to India. Our team has a significant offshore development center in Pune. The leaders, of which I am one, take turns heading over there to lead. I weaseled out of my turn last fall by pointing out the leaders of more critical projects might want to go instead. Next week I am launching a new project, so off I go.

In conjunction with the new project, I am introducing Agile Scrum Development techniques. I can see already that some of the team get it. And some don't.

Anyway, its a long freaking trip. Dallas to Zurich (9 hours); Zurich to Mumbai (11 hours). Then a 3 hour drive which starts through the nastiest slums you can imagine in Mumbai, then through the mountains to Pune.


Better you than me!
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