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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Workout Notes
Yesterday evening it was nice and crisp, probably low 40s. Everyone at Sting was dressed like it was 10 below zero. Except me. I did an hour run in singlet and shorts. Got a lot of weird looks. The keeper for the 95 White team joined me when I told her I was not cold. She had forgotten to bring a jacket, but clearly saw that a couple of laps would warm her up! HR: Ave-151, Max 170.

Today I hit the pool. I decided to change things up a bit. Somehow the Tri Bug is biting me. There is an event on March 11th in Athens Texas. Here are last year's results. This event has a 300 meter swim. So in the spirit of that, I decided to start today's workout with a 300 meter trial which I completed in five flat. I followed that up with 11x100 crawl with a minute rest and then 300 back. That's 1700 meters total (a mile plus) in 45 minutes. Certainly a big improvement over my previous workouts in the pool.

Correction: That was 11x100 - otherwise it woulda only been 1600 meters - 9 short of a mile. :-P

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