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Friday, April 14, 2006
Fifty Miles
on the bike....

Terry blew me off today. So I headed out on my own. I left early so as not to miss Marissa's Games. I checked the weather and it was only 7 mph winds. I decided to head up to Farmersville, along the route that Terry I did six weeks ago. I did not want to do the full sixty, so I cut it down by coming back along the route from Princeton to Lucas.

The first bit of bad news came at mile 15. I had been on the big chainring from the house and I was screaming down this hill to the lake. My head was down, so I barely saw what looked like a small piece of wood. I hit it hard. Everything was good. For a second. Then the back tire went flat. Drats. Luckily I had a spare tube and was able to get in on pretty quickly. I had a CO2 inflator too. But I had no idea how to use it. Finally I figured that out and got the tire pumped up.

I continued with the big chainring out to 380. But when I took the left towards the west I finally realized why I had done the first 22 miles in 20MPH pace. There was a BIG wind to my back. And now it was coming across me. The rest of the ride was into the wind and my pace slowed considerably.

Final stats from my computer: 50.15 miles, 32.1 Max Speed, 17.0 Ave Speed, 2:56:58. From the Polar HR Monitor: Ave HR 162, Max 179.

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