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Sunday, April 16, 2006
Sunday Ride
I was surprised when Terry called me today just after noon. I had told him I was available on short notice for a ride. But I did not believe he would actually take me up on it. I had my hands full with the beer and the Easter egg hunt. Nonetheless I needed to get a ride in, so I told him to show up at 2pm.

Terry told me that it was 90 degrees when he left the house. I thought I was going to fry for sure. I loaded the camelback with a quart of ice cubes and a quart of Gatoraide with the hopes that would keep me cool.

We took the same route, basically, that we did last week. The return was slightly longer; I mapped it out here.

I was feeling really good so I started on the big chainring and I kept it there the whole ride. That was probably what doomed Terry. For the first time ever, it was he who was dragging at the end. Usually I have a good well intentioned start, but fade. Maybe I am finally getting fit!

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