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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
As mentioned my team wrapped up work on Magic Service Desk for Chinese two weeks ago. Last week BMC had a big launch event with our first partner, Chinasoft. Interestingly we have launched a web site for Chinese Magic (English linked here, but also available in Chinese).

When I arrived at BMC a bit over two years ago, Magic had a significant share of the Service Desk Market, yet it had never been localized. It took a large team of engineers about nine months to re-engineer the product such that it would support international characters, time and date standards and to extract all of the strings such that they could be translated. To support international characters all character fields in the database where changed to Unicode. Magic Supports SQL Server and Oracle (several flavors of each). During this process the team did a bunch of work to unify the SQL Server and Oracle implementations as well.

Following the Globalization work, the team spent another nine months or so cranking out German, French and finally the Chinese versions of Magic. Its great to see some momentum gathering around the launch of this product!

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