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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Iron Man Award
Marissa has done it. She completed six years of elementary school without an absence or tardy. Over the years I had attributed this streak to Fran and her persistence in getting that kid to school. Given that Reagan failed in her quest for the same award in Kindergarten. And Logan failed in second grade. I am now giving full credit to Marissa. She has a tenacity and toughness similar to Gehrig or Ripken.

Yesterday the steak was in question going into the final day. The fifth graders were having their sock hop. Marissa called home from school with a migrane. They had been planning this event since September. Marissa had a poodle skirt custom made by Grandma for the dance. So I knew she was in trouble when she bailed out. She came home and threw up. But she staged a miraculous recovery and by the evening I was confident that she would make it for the final day of school.

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