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Thursday, June 15, 2006
Logan Scores the winning goal!
I have not posted about the kids soccer recently. A LOT has changed!

Reagan is playing on an indoor team with . Her first game was saturday and they managed a win!

had their last games of the year at a tournement in Houston two weeks ago. They played four cames and came away with two wins, a draw and a loss. There are no more games until July. Between now and then Marissa will need to sign a new contract. Lets hope it goes smoother than last year. Marissa plans to play for the Texans again next year. Coach Joe says she will get a contract. So if all of that plays out, then we just need to make sure that they get enough players to make a team.

Now on to Miss Logan. She was not pleased with Coach Dave at Superblue. I convinced Coach Don to let Logan play a year up with the 98 girls. That plan got blown up when Don was offered a spot coaching the Sting 96 Girls team. Which led him to hand off the 98s to another coach. That was not going to work for Logan!

In the mean time we had been bringing Logan out to to play with She just loves Mike. So when the plan with Superblue blew up we hooked up with Andromeda.

She played the first game with Andromeda while we were in Houston - so I did not get to see her play with them. Then last Saturday, her team notched a win. Logan played hard, was having fun and clearly was earning the respect of her coach. She had a game this afternoon and I caught the second half. She played keeper in the first half and according to reports had some great saves. In the second half she played forward most of the game. She scored the winning goal of the game and then had an assist for the insurance goal! She is really having fun which is great to see because that was not case under coach Dave.


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