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Saturday, June 10, 2006
A long sad tale of woe....
This is the long stupid post that I never get around to writing. For a time it was was denial that kept me from publishing this post. Anyway, there is no getting around it....

I have not run competitively in a year.

Actually it will be a year on the 18th. BTW, those results are incorrect. They got the times mixed up. I had the 2:25 (and witnesses.) Anyway, at that meet, Lindsay checked my SI. She did not need to check it because like I said I had been in denail. But I knew the SI was rotated because my left shoes had been wearing down abnormially quicker compared to the right. I just never wanted to admit it. But at that moment there was no getting around it. I needed to get my butt repaired.

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Christopher Garrison at the Baylor Landry Center. I told Garrison what the problem was and that I needed PT and that I wanted a prescrition so that I could see Dale Smith. Dale is the best PT in the world for this problem. He also understands runners, as he was Michael Johnson and is Jeremy Warnier's PT!

Sadly Dale was out of the country when I needed him, so instead I went to see Francie, his partner. Francie and worked on the hip from August until October, when it finally stabilized. At that time I did start jogging easy on the grass, as reported here and throughout the procedure I started biking and swimming. The SI was stable, but the pain and inflamation never went away.

Then in February it was off to India. Fourty hours in coach. That trip sent the SI back over the deep end and out of whack. I needed a prescrition to get back to see Francie, which meant another trip to Garrison. Except he did not show. So I fired Garrison and hired a new Physiatrist, Dr. Jim Sterling at Presbyterian Hospital. Sterling is the head physician for the US Winter Olympic Team. Gotta wonder about his selection to that post what with his DALLAS location and all!

Sterling got me back in to see Francie. She got the SI stabilized in a week. Sterling told me no more running until we got it under control. He took an XRAY of my hip (not the SI apparently). And he ordered two MRI's one of my back and one of my hip (not the SI.) Sterling was VERY pleased with how my back looked. "For a guy like you who has run as much as you have, your back is in EXCELLENT shape." Great - lets get the pain in my ass dealt with please.

So I got Sterling to put me on Lodine - which helped a bit, but still has not whipped the problem. Sterling is recommending a Cortisone shot. However, before he pulled the trigger on that he sent me to see Fleischmann to rule out Ankylosing Spondylitis(AS).

So thats pretty much the tale of woe. No running. Pain in ass. The week after next I see Sterling and Flieschmann again. I checked with Coach Vaughan, and he was not a fan of the Cortisone shot. I think Sterling screwed up by not doing an MRI (and XRAYS) of the SI. So I think an MRI and possibly a bone scan are in order before doing anything else. Oh yeah, Its still possible it could be AS, which in some ways would be a relief - at least I would know what it was and then I could run and deal with it. BTW, running does not cause any additional pain, in fact it usually feels better when I run! :-)


I agree with Coach Vaughn that you should put off the cortisone shot as long as possible. They're fine if they kill the inflammation for good, but if they *don't* work you can actually be left *worse* off than before (in that you can't/shouldn't try the shot again--same position, fewer tools.) These long-term things really frustrate you, no question... especially when they can't agree on what's actually *wrong*.

Assuming that AS is ruled out, which I expect that it will be. Then it will be MRI and/or Bone Scan of the SI. That should hopefully identify the source of the inflamation.
Check out this new maneuver that fixed my chronic inflammation that was not so evident on MRI and xrays. The Furshpan Maneuver performed by my osteopath fixed my bulging disc, according to my doctor, and I got instant relief. I would say that it's been at least 9 months of activities without any pain. Check it out.
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