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Sunday, June 25, 2006
Sunday Ride
Terry called last night. He just got back from Weatherford OK, where he had participated in a sprint triathalon. Terry suggested an easy ride for Sunday Morning. Given that I was likely to be splattered from my 85 miles yesterday, I thought easy and short would be good.

So we agreed he'd ride out to my house arrving around 0620.

Which is exactly what happenned. Terry brough his neighbor, who's name I could barely pronounce, much less spell. We had a pretty easy ride out Rowlett and back. Nothing eventful to report.

Distance: 30.06 Miles
Max Velocity: 30.6 MPH
Ave Velocity: 16.6 MPH (and that was with no wind. Like I said, Easy.)
Duration: 1:48:37
Ave HR: 133 BPM
Max HR: 160 BPM


wow....sounds like a good ride. I am impressed with your HR numbers, looks good to me!

I love this time of year because I am finally getting my bike legs and the rest of the season will be a joy
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