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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Who counts by fifteen?
Like my friend I have a non-tennis tennis elbow. Which got me to thinking about the reasons why I don't play tennis. After all both my parents love the game. I was introduced to the game a young age. And it was only today that I came to grips as to why it didn't take hold.

You see I am a math person. My degree is in Mathematics. Tennis scoring does not follow any common rule of mathematics. 15-30-40? What the heck is that? Who counts by 15? And if you are gonna count by 15 then please make the scoring work 15-30-45. It simply does not make any sense. Why not count the points by 1? You need at least four points to win a game and you have to win by at least one point. Why not that?

Tennis scoring made my eight year old mathematically inclined brain hurt. It caused me cognitive dissonance.

So I quit.

And have never played since.

In spite of the fact that I enjoy watching the game.


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