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Monday, October 30, 2006
Breakthroughs whether in sports or business take work and patience. For me, it took a year of dedicated training to knock 50 minutes off my Marathon time - something that frankly I did not believe was possible.

Marissa's team has struggled with its identity since its inception in July 2005. Their record is just 14 wins in 71 games, with three wins this season (out of 17 games).

Saturday they had a breakthrough, beating up Tony Bily's Andromeda Blue Team 6-0. To put this in perspective, consider that in those 70 games previously played the most goals that they ever scored in a game was 4. And that occurred with the help of some Division 1 guest players. Without ringers, the most goals that they had previously scored in a game was 3. The last time these two teams played, our goals beat them 1-0.

Hard work and patience. I think that these girls have reached a new level.

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