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Sunday, October 22, 2006
Busy, Busy, Busy.... time to blog...

It has been an action packed weekend. My friend Tim married Miss Gina. We had our annual appreciation party for Coach Vaughan. Two parties and a wedding would be enough for one weekend, but in addition the girls had five(5) soccer games (six if you count Marissa's game on Wednesday). Sheesh!

BTW - the girls won five of the six games! Marissa's team had a win and a tough loss. Logan had two wins including a win against her old SuperBlue team - a game she had been looking forward to for quite some time. And Reagan had two games today and her team won both, including avenging their only loss this season.

But I'll tell ya. I am pooped.

Well, sometimes, we all gotta lose. It's important for kids to learn that not everyone is a winner all of the time and how to be a good loser. :o) Congrats on the 5 games, though. BTW, I know what you mean about being too busy. I'm too busy to do anything right right!
Yeah its true, there needs to be appropriate balance. My oldest kid's team rarely wins - so their win was huge. And they dominated the play in their loss, which was heartbreaking.

It's my middle kid who needs to learn something about balance! She is on a really good team and SHE needs some humility for sure.

And the little one, who is six, is also playing on an extremely strong team, where she is the weakest player. She has a great attitude about sports and teammansship.
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