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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
The Email Situation
I basically have too many email addresses. Certainly more than most folks that I know. I have hotmail, gmail, aol mail, several addresses tied to various domains, work email, school email, and several email addresses at Comcast - my service provider at home.

For a long time, years actually, I would just POP all this email onto the main PC that I use at home using Outlook Express or Outlook. And if I was at the office I could use the various web interfaces to various service providers.

I am not sure exactly when I stopped using Outlook, but for some reason I just kind of switched over to using the web interfaces and that was also just fine.

Well maybe not exactly just fine, but I made due. The Comcast editor kind of sucks and it does not allow an alternate reply to address. Then last month I got the word that Comcast traded their Dallas customers to RoadRunner. I have had the same cable modem subscription since forever. I started with @Home, which was assimilated by AT&T, which was sold to Comcast. And now on to Roadrunner. Each time my email addresses and all the other email junk had to change with the switchover. And I am sure that the email will change again. So all the more the reason to use my domain email address (ChrisJHughes.Com) for example.

As a result, and frankly I should have done this long ago, I have most email now routed into GMail and GMail will use one or more of my preferred and sustainable return addresses. Prior to this I had not used GMail very much at all. But I have to say it is really outstanding. I had upgraded my hotmail to the LIVE beta. Gmail simply works much better than either hotmail or Live. And of course I have gotten very used to tagging stuff - and that is much better way to organize stuff compared to folders. And wouldn't you know, GMail has tags built in. Nice.

Now LIVE has the full screen preview, which GMail does not. But LIVE is so damn slow, that I don't miss it at all - probably because GMail is so damn fast! At work, where of course we live and die with Outlook, I have become addicted to the threaded conversations view. GMail has it, Live does not.


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