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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Logan is a Star
On Friday Logan announced that she had been selected as Star Student for her class this week. Its a big deal. She gets to do the announcements in the morning and she gets to create a poster about herself which hangs in the hall. She is very proud.

Today she came home and announced that once again, she was named Citizen of the Month. Citizen of the Month is a much bigger deal because its harder to win. Every kid in the class is going to win a Star Student and a few of them will get it twice (Logan was Star Student Twice last year). But less than half the Kids will earn Citizen of the Month. (One of our Neighbors who is Marissa's age NEVER won the award in five years at Elementary School.)

As Citizen of the Month, Logan gets to attend a Special Pizza Lunch brought in for them by the Rotary Club. Its very cool.

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