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Saturday, March 24, 2007
Running Texas Style!
When I go to the gym for lunch, change, and then head straight back out the door to run, I am convinced that they are all perplexed why I would not rather run on on of their machines. But, ya never know what one might find out on a run. Certainly the intrigue makes it much more interesting to get out for a real run compared to a treadmill, don't you agree?

Yesterday my point was proven once again. In 19 years of running in Texas, I had never seen one of these critters. Bobcats, yeah, I've seen em. Coyotes, yeah, they are everywhere, just open your eyes. Heck once a skunk even chased me through the park. But this, was a first. This guy was leisurely crossing Tarpley Road at mile 6.5 of my 7.6 mile loop:



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In all my years of living in Texas, I've never seen a tarantula. Thank God! I'll take those big friggin cockroaches over that any day!
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