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Sunday, April 01, 2007
March Workouts
My efforts in March have built on the work I did in February. However, I had four zero effort days, and four days of skiing. Due to that all categories are down relative to February. In spite of that, my weight has been holding steady between 15 and 18 pounds lost since the Jan 1.

First 2.5 weeks of March
Run - 42.9 Miles
Bike - 102.5 Miles
Swim - 8650 Meters
Skiing - 4 Days

Third Week
Run - 35.3 Miles
Bike - 31.2 Miles
Swim - 5600 Meters

The last week
Run - 18.25 Miles
Bike - 14.2 Miles
Swim - 5800 Meters

March Totals:
Run 96.5 Miles
Bike 147.9 Miles
Swim 20050Meters

YTD Totals:
Run 311.6 Miles
Bike 397.1 Miles
Swim 61880 Meters


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