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Sunday, April 29, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending April 22
This was a tough week. First I had been nursing a cold and not taking care of myself. Tuesday I had to fly out to California for a two day strategy summit. I left the house Tuesday Morning at ODarkThirty and by the time I got to bed it had been a 22 hour day with no workout. Wednesday was just same, up early and full day schedule. Thursday I flew home, then I collapsed. And Friday I worked a half a day and then played in a golf scramble. So that is four zero workout days in a row. And I felt like crap the whole time. Saturday Logan had four soccer games, but I managed to squeeze in a quick ride in the morning. Sunday offered a bit more time on the bike, so I went and pre-rode the race course for the upcoming Run-Bi-Tri event.

Monday Apr 16 - Two Mile Swim - 500 WU, 5x500 (:60), 5x50 - 3250

Tuesday Apr 17 -
Wednesday Apr 18 -
Thursday Apr 19 -
Friday Apr 20 -

Saturday Apr 21 - 15 Miles Bike Renner Road 48 min ride time; 18.9 Ave Speed, 31.5 Max; 94 ave CAD, 119 Max.

Sunday Apr 22 - 21 Miles bike (Plano Run-Bi-Tri Course). 1:19 ride time. Speed: 16.0 ave; 31.5 Max; 82 ave CAD, 110 Max.

Total for the week:
Run - 0 Miles
Bike - 36.0 Miles
Swim - 3250 Meters

Total for the month:
Run - 57.8 Miles
Bike - 195.9 Miles
Swim - 14350 Meters


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