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Sunday, April 29, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending April 29
This week got off to a slow start. I was demotivated by my performance last week. I had not run in over a week, and as a result I was dragging on monday. I was sure that I would not complete the workout. But on my 6th strideout all of a sudden I felt better and I completed the 8x:90s! That got me going for the week and by Saturday I went to the track for the first time and two years and had a good 2000 effort. Sunday Mike and Tim came by for the Farmersville-McKinney ride. These are guys I used to run with, but I have never ridden with them. They like to go fast, stay in line and rotate the front. That was fun - we smoked the ride with 19+ MPH ave Pace.

Monday Apr 23 - 8x:90 (:90) - 9 miles

Tuesday Apr 24 - 500 WU, 9x100, (1-3 descend, 4-6 build, 7-9 hold repeat time), 6x200, (1-3 descend, 4-6 hold repeat time), 3x50 , descend. 50 WD. 2800 meters

Wednesday Apr 25 - 20x:30(:45) 8.75

Thursday Apr 26 -
200, 4x100, 400, 2x200, 8x50 on 55, 100 - 2300

Friday Apr 27 - 8 Mile run. 60:41.

Saturday Apr 28 - 2000 Trial. 6:54. 6 miles.

Sunday Apr 29 - 54.5 Miles bike (w/Tim and Mike Farmersville, McKinney). Speed: 19.5 Ave, 33.5 Max; Cad 90 ave; 121 Max; Ride Time: 2:47.52

Total for the week:
Run - 31.75 Miles
Bike - 54.5 Miles
Swim - 5100 Meters

Total for the month:
Run - 89.55 Miles
Bike - 250.4 Miles
Swim - 19450 Meters


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