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Tuesday, May 01, 2007
More on Surveys
Last week I wrote about some difficulties I was having with Zoomerang in my efforts to get a team ranking. If you check the comments on that post, you'll see that Kenneth from Zoomerang support offered some help to sort out what the heck was going wrong. I explained to Kenneth several of the specifics that he requested. And I have to say that his level of service was excellent. In the end he pointed me to two KB articles that suggest that I: 1) have no patience; and 2) I am a poor designer of Surveys. I can't argue with this assessment.

The first article suggests some best practices for Ranking Questions:
Limit the number of items in ranking or rating scale questions to fewer than ten. These questions can become difficult to read after ten options. Longer rating or ranking questions can also cause display issues in some environments.
My Ranking Question had 27 items - clearly over the top!

The second article notes issues with page save times for Ranking Questions:

The amount of survey questions on a page and the speed of the Internet connection can affect the loading time for that page. In particular, these types of questions take longer to load:

  • Ranking type questions - each button has each own special programming script for the functionality. We recommend to use less than 10 choices for ranking type questions.
  • Rating scale matrix with large number of answer options can also affect the page loading with the large number of buttons.
Well guilty on this one - the survey was not very responsive and I wasn't waiting.

I can't figure out how I would have done the ranking another way. But this is good info nonetheless.

Kudos to Kenneth for a great job on support.



Thanks for the kind words.
Let me know how your other surveys go.
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