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Sunday, July 01, 2007
Exploring Free Agency Part Three
It's certainly not surprising that Free Agency this year was going to be exciting. After all, it seems predetermined that in the aftermath of the firing of Marissa's coach, that her team would fall apart.

Her team exploded.

I guess some parents had complained about Joe, the coach. And Joe, like anyone, has his short comings. But he did a pretty good job. As near as I can tell the Parents that complained about Joe, were the same ones that left the team as soon as he was fired! That ought to tell ya something. We had ten players at that point. At that point several players started working out with different clubs. And then it became clear that two of the kids would not play next year. We played one final tournament and then declared the team disbanded.

Marissa worked out for a while with Joe's new club , The Strikers. It did not look like enough kids were coming out for that group. Then Marissa went to one of her old Coaches, Bruno from the Longhorns. But Bruno cut Marissa after a few practices. Marissa then hooked up with Diego Hincapie, who recently moved from Sting to Andromeda, where Logan plays.

Marissa played with Diego and Ciro for the entire month of June. Diego was really organized and professional in how he handled team placements for all of the girls. He committed early on to give Marissa a spot on one of their teams. The rosters for the teams were sorted out well before the July 1 date.

And that was a huge relief to all involved.

Marissa could not be happier!


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