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Sunday, August 19, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending August 19
Vacation Week! I have in the past been fairly disciplined about working out during vacations. However, given the state of my knee, I was concerned about running four or five days in a row. I was unsure of any available gym, bike or suitable pools for swimming. OTOH, giving the knee and frankly the rest of my tired old bod a rest might be just the thing.

Sunday afternoon, after riding 60+ miles with Terry, the family headed to Glen Rose. We stayed at the excellent Best Western, which was really a very nice property. I had a nice run on Monday morning around the back roads of Glen Rose. Then we spent the day swimming in the Paluxy River. And after that we drove down to New Braunfels. Tuesday we spent the day in tubing the San Marcos River. Wednesday we spent the day at Schlitterbahn. Thursday Erin blew in, and it rained like hell. The perfect day for a trip to a cave. With all of that I did not get motivated to do any workouts! Friday we drove back to Dallas and I managed to get a swim in at Lifetime. Saturday I rode with the RBM ride and this time I managed to get dropped several times, but I also caught back up at least four times. I hung with the group longer than ever. Terry and I rode this morning. He needed a short ride, and good thing, because my legs were dead!

Monday Aug 13 - 35 min run; 4.5 miles - Glen Rose Texas

Tuesday Aug 14 - Tubing in San Marcos

Wednesday August 15 - Schlitterbahn

Thursday August 16 - Spelunking

Friday August 17 - Swim, Lifetime Garland - 250, 250pull; 2x250; 5x100 under 95, on 2:00; 5x50 under 45 on 60; 2x100 under 95 on 2:00; 50 in 45; 250 pull, 250 - 2500

Saturday August 18 - RBM ride - 80.8 miles; Speed Ave 18.3, Max 36.5; Cad 84 Ride Time 4:23 Loop1 - (1:55, Speed 17.0, Cad 83 32.8 miles) Loop2 - (2:29, Speed 19.2, Cad 85, 48.0 miles)

Sunday August 19 - Lovejoy Ride with Terry 30.4 miles bike; Speed Ave 16.5, Max 29.8; CAD ave 80; ride time 1:50

Total for the week:
Run - 4.5 Miles
Bike - 111.2 Miles
Swim - 2500 Meters

Total for Aug:
Run - 19.8 Miles
Bike - 392.5 Miles
Swim - 10200 Meters


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