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Saturday, August 04, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending July 29
Last year I sprained my left MCL. I think this happened when I jumped into the pool at The Dennison Dash Triathlon last September. The knee has been sore since then, and of course running is the thing that most aggravates it. Apparently I sprained it again - probably during last weeks 1500. I spent this week barely able to walk, much less run. The range of motion for that knee is severely limited. Anyway no problem, on my run days, I just hit the lifecycle. Friday I did 30 minutes running as well. Also new for this week I finally joined Bob, Tom and Mary at Loos Natatorium instead of Lifetime for Tuesday Swim. Loos is a Long course (50 meter) pool. Half of it is also a diving well and its REALLY DEEP! Like it must be 30 feet deep. Its pretty freaky! :-) The other thing that I started back with this week are my hip PT exercises and lots of situps, chinups, pullups and pushups. And one more thing! Saturday I did the RBM 905 big dog ride for the first time in a while. Then Sunday I doubled up and rode to White Rock Lake with Mike Jones.

Monday July 23 - 30 min lifecycle 9.5 miles.

Tuesday July 24 -
Loos -
400, 4x100, 4x50, 2x200, 400, 200 - 2000 Swim

Wednesday July 25 -
30 min lifecycle 9.8 miles

Thursday July 26 - Lifetime -
4x100 (on 2:00), 5x200 (on 3:30 in 3:15), 2x(300, 2x150), 100 - 2700 Swim

Friday July 27 - 3.5 Miles Run 31:42

Saturday July 28 - RBM 905 ride; 50 miles Speed 17.5 ave, 31.8 max; CAD 91 ave; 2:51 ride time

Sunday July 29 - White Rock Loop with Mike Jones 53.7 miles; Ave 17.6; max 27.6 cad 88 ave 3:02 ride time

Total for the week:
Run - 3.5 Miles
Bike - 123.0 Miles
Swim - 4700 Meters

Total for July:
Run - 87.4 Miles
Bike - 303.5 Miles
Swim - 18800 Meters


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