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Saturday, September 01, 2007
Medial Meniscus
I finally went and saw Sterling about the nagging knee injury.

The diagnosis? Torn Medial Meniscus.

The solution? See Montgomery for surgery.

Because Sterling is not a surgeon, I have to take his recommendation seriously. I have always questioned the wisdom of having a surgeon evaluate one for surgery. After all they have a lots of reasons ($$$) to recommend surgery and not many to reasons to recommend a more conservative approach.

I also checked with Coach Vaughan. When I simply told him that Sterling thought I had a Meniscus tear he said, "Go see Montgomery and do whatever he says." That is pretty impressive for several reasons. One, two independent recommendations for the same surgeon in and of itself is amazing. Second Coach Vaughan always recommends the most conservative approach. Coach went on to say something to the effect that he knew for a fact that Montgomery did not have an RV payment to make and that he has plenty of business so he is not motivated to recommend a surgery that is not required.

In many ways this is a relief. Hopefully I can have a successful repair and really get back to running well and not limping around as I have been doing for the last year.


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