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Monday, September 03, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending August 26
This was a pretty hectic week back at work. Nothing like a week off to really screw you up. I ran on Monday and Friday. My knee hurt. On Friday I ran on the treadmill for an hour - the longest run since July 13. The good news is that I was able to go for an hour. The bad news is that the knee never really felt good. And then it hurt like hell for week afterwards. No doubt about it - that sucker is messed up.

Thursday's swim was just me and Bob. Bob cooked up the 200, 100 set and it was a really nicely paced workout. I used the 100 to work on form and that definitely helped me on the 200's.

I rode the lifecycle on Wednesday since the knee hurt from Monday. Then on Saturday, I road with the PACC guys at O-Dark-Thirty, but I could not stick around for the 9:05 ride, so I TT'd it home from Bikemart.

Sunday, Logan had an 8:00am soccer game. And I was pretty much toast after that. So I took another rest day.

Monday Aug 20 - 35 min run; 4.3 miles - Lifetime

Tuesday Aug 21 - 2500 Swim

Wednesday August 22 - 45 min lifecycle 16 miles

Thursday August 23 - 250WU; 250 pull, 6x(200 under 3:15 in 3:30; 100 under 1:40 in 2:00) 200 - 2500 Swim

Friday August 24 - 60 min treadmill, 7.1 miles

Saturday August 25 - PACC 5:55 ride - 60 miles; Speed Ave 16.9, Max 33.6; Cad 79 Ride Time 3:32

Sunday August 26 - Nothing.

Total for the week:
Run - 11.4 Miles
Bike - 76.0 Miles
Swim - 5000 Meters

Total for Aug:
Run - 31.2 Miles
Bike - 468.5 Miles
Swim - 15200 Meters


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