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Thursday, September 13, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending Sept 16
I spent the week working with the team in Aix-en-provence France. There was no exercise equipment at the hotel, so instead I ran on the cartilage deficient knee. The two week rest must have really helped, because I ran every day except Thursday. Thursday was great, as I discovered that one of the UI guys on the team swims every day at lunch. So we headed off to the pool, where we knocked out an easy 1500.

In my considerable experience with international travel, I do not recall getting a workout in every day. However, I did pull that one off on this trip! Friday morning I was up at 4:30am to get a run in before heading back to the states. And Saturday morning I had a great ride on the bike the morning after my return from France.

Monday Sept 10 - 60 min run on the AIX golf course - 7.5 miles

Tuesday Sept 11 - 61 min run on the AIX golf course - 7.5 miles

Wednesday Sept 12 - 45 min run though the AIX countryside - 5.5 miles

Thursday Sept 13 - 1500 swim - 500WU, 5x100 in 90 on 2, 2x200 pull, 2x50

Friday Sept 14 - 60 min run on the AIX golf course - 7.5 miles

Saturday Sept 15 - 65.8 mile bike - Sachse, Rowlett ride then Bike Mart 50 miler and home. Ave Speed 18, CAD 84, Ride Time 3:38

Sunday Sept 16 - 37.1 mile ride with Terry - Lucas, Lovejoy loop with new McKinney variation. Speed 17.5, CAD 81, ride time 2:06

Total for the week:
Run - 28 Miles
Bike - 102.9 Miles
Swim - 1500 Meters

Total for Sept:
Run - 34 Miles
Bike - 284.7 Miles
Swim - 9025 Meters


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