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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending Sept 23
This was one weird week.

Monday I was really dragging, probably from the residual effects of getting back from France and the 100+ miles bike on Sat and Sun. On Tuesday, Mary then laid down the law: 10000 meters swim each week until the end of the month (or maybe it was for the next month.) Anyway, I figured that meant I needed swim Tuesday-Friday, as I was unlikely to swim on the weekend. So I did that and made my 10K, which is certainly a PR for weekly mileage and also for number consecutive days swimming in a row. Sheesh!

Saturday morning Marissa had a soccer game at 0800. There was no way I could ride before her game. By the time we got home and settled it was heating up outside. I never was able to get in gear to get a workout in. :-(

Saturday Night Terry called about doing a ride on Sunday. For my last ride, I could not get the rear dérailleur to shift on the lowest gear. So I started to do some work on that, and also on the frozen rear brake. I could not get the break cable to budge and as I was checking the shifter the rear shift cable snapped. So much for a ride on Sunday. So, instead I did my 90 minute running loop. I had not run this long since early April! But I was amazed, I felt great the whole way. Of course the down side was that my knee was screaming at me for most of the next week!

Monday Sept 17 - 30 min Lifecycle 9.5 miles bike.

Tuesday Sept 18 - 200 WU, 500 Build, 250 kick, 250 Pull, 5x100 (IM, IM Kick, pull, free, easy kick), 2x(5x50(Fly, Free; Back, Free; Breast Free; Free; Easy Kick)), 300WD - 2500

Wednesday Sept 19 - 250WU, 250pull, 7x(100 kick, 100 pull, 100 Free) - 2600 Swim

Thursday Sept 20 - 500WU, 5x50 on 60, 250 pull, 5x50 on 60, 250 pull, 5x50 kick on 90, 250 pull, 5x50 on 60, 250 pull, 5x50 on 50, 250 pull - 2500 Swim

Friday Sept 21 - 250 WU, 250 pull, 8x200(150pace, 50fast; 100P, 100F, 50P, 150F; 200F; 200F; 150F, 50 P; 100F, 100P; 50F, 150P), 150, 150 pull - 2400 Swim

Saturday Sept 22 -

Sunday Sept 23 - 92 min run 10.9 Miles.

Total for the week:
Run - 10.9 Miles
Bike - 9.5 Miles
Swim - 10000 Meters

Total for Sept:
Run - 44.9 Miles
Bike - 292.2 Miles
Swim - 19025 Meters


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