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Sunday, September 30, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending Sept 30
Another interesting week. Continuing with last week's challenge from Mary, I swam four days racking up over 11000 meters in the process. I broke up my four days of swimming with a ride on the lifecycle on Wednesday at the gym. Mike wanted to ride on Saturday, so I finally got the cables on the bike sorted out and Mike and I did the same McKinney route that Terry I did two weeks ago. The weird thing is that in 13 days they removed this bridge! Sunday Terry and I hooked up. The wind was blowing hard from the south so we made an impromptu decision to do a loop of White Rock Lake.

Tuesday, I saw Dr. Montgomery. He is going to cut me open this Friday. He sez I'll be able to ride and swim in a couple of weeks, but that there will be no serious run training for three months. That means I'll miss my usual fall road races (actually usual is not the ride adjective here since I have not done these for two years). But that's OK, I will start working on track season Jan 1 and I'll get in a couple of Triathlons in the winter and hopefully the daggum knee will stop hurting!

Monday Sept 24 - 500WU, 500Pull, 100IM 4x(200(alternate Free, Pull), 50 kick), 10x50(Alternate Free, Kick, Pull), 2x100WD - 2800 Swim

Tuesday Sept 25 - 200 WU, 3x(3x200(100fast, 100easy; 50 fast, 50 easy; 25 fast, 25 easy; 100kick, 100easy; 50 kick, 50 easy; 25 kick hard, 25 kick easy; 100pull hard, 100pull easy...)4x75 (25 easy, 25 harder, 25 hardest), 2x100 easy; 200; - 2700 Swim

Wednesday Sept 26 - 45 min lifecycle - 14 miles

Thursday Sept 27 - 200WU, 200Pull, 8x75 (fly, back, breast) on 1:40, 8x50 on 55, 8x75 on 90, 8x50 (fly/back; back/breast; breast/free; free/free) on 70; 8x25 no breaths; 300pull - 2900 Swim

Friday Sept 28 - 250WU, 250pull, 2x(400, 300, 200, 100 decreasing pace), 3x50 easy - 2650 Swim

Saturday Sept 29 -Lovejoy-Mckinney with Mike, Ave Speed 17.7, Max 33.1; Cad 77; Ride Time: 2:04; 36.8 Miles Bike.

Sunday Sept 30 - White Rock Lake with Terry; Ave Speed 16.9; Cad 76; Ride time: 3:16; 55.4 Miles Bike.

Total for the week:
Run - 0 Miles
Bike - 106.2 Miles
Swim - 11050 Meters

Total for Sept:
Run - 44.9 Miles
Bike - 398.4 Miles
Swim - 30075 Meters


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