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Sunday, October 14, 2007
Workout Notes Week Ending Oct 7
I have little to say about this week. I figured I should not run prior to surgery - why risk ripping the cartilage any more than it was already shredded? So I did the lifecycle and some swimming. Friday I got cut. Then Fran left me home with Marissa and Logan. I had to take Marissa to her game on Saturday - where I watched the game with my knee wrapped in an ice pack, while sitting under an umbrella in the rain. Then Sunday, I had took Logan to her game and then Marissa to practice. Amazingly I had no problem putting full weight on the knee on both Sat and Sun!

Monday Oct 1 - Lifecycle 45 min 14.5 mi

Tuesday Oct 2 - 250WU, 250pull, 100, 3x(5x100, 200; Set 1: Breath every fifth stroke; 2 - Pull in 90 on 1:45; 3 decend 1:35 to: 1:25 on 2:00) - 2700 Swim

Wednesday Oct 3 - 60 min Lifecycle 21 miles

Thursday Oct 4 - 2500 Swim (Not sure what Crazy Work out we actually did.)

Friday Oct 5 - Surgery

Saturday Oct 6 - Recovery.

Sunday Oct 7 - Recovery.

Total for the week:
Run - 0 Miles
Bike - 35.5 Miles
Swim - 5200 Meters

Total for Oct:
Run - 0 Miles
Bike - 35.5 Miles
Swim - 5200 Meters


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