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Saturday, December 27, 2008
Plano Pacers 3K
Today marked the end of Road Racing Season with the Plano Pacers 3K. The last time I ran this race, it was scheduled for Christmas Day, and while I was running Logan got hit with a errant snow globe and had to get stitches in her eye.

On Wednesday, I had a good track session with Coach Vaughan - 1200 (3:55), 1000 (3:15), 700 (152.7). That workout felt really strong. I figured with the 11:16 two miler, I should be able to post a 10:30 3K.

It was really a warm morning, low 60s but with a strong south wind. The course was out north, back south - so a finish into the wind. I had a pretty good warmup. I jogged the course, which I had never run. The last umpteen times I had run this race, it was a nice loop at Bob Woodruff park. Since then The Pacers moved all their races to Harrington Park across town.

The start was in the parking lot with two 90 degree turns in the first couple of hundred meters. The road was a bit wet, and those turns were crazy, but we got through those and I found myself in back of a pretty large pack of fifteen or so. I was able to pick through about five of these guys. Meanwhile a big group of eight to ten was ahead of me and pulling away. They got to the turnaround at least ten seconds or more ahead. As I suspected three turned at the 3K turnaround and the rest headed out for the 8K. I made the turn and noticed a guy kind who was calling to a kid on my tail. Then this guy took off and so did the kid behind me. A pacer! I followed these two but I was not able to reel them in.

And so I finished in 10:40, not bad, but also not what I had hoped for. Fifth overall, and first master.

And so, now it is back to circuits for about six weeks, then hills, then speed, then track. With some Triathlon mixed in!


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