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Sunday, December 19, 2010
Jogr Egg Nogr
The Jogr Egg Nogr is another one of those traditional races that I have run over the years. The great thing about this race is that the first mile is a huge net down hill. You can really fly on this one. In review of my logs, I did not run the Jogr last year, because I had been sick. I was really worn out by the end of December last year. I feel so much better this year! And I did not do it in 2008 because we were down at the in-laws place. I was not allowed to race in 2007 due to rehab of the knee post surgery. I did not run in 2006 because I was hoping that my knee would heal without surgery. That choice, by the way, was not really bright. In 2005 I was not running because I was trying to rehab my hip. So in fact it has been six years since I ran the Jogr! Wow.

I had a pretty good track session (3x1200 under 81 pace) on Wednesday with Coach Vaughan in prep for the race. Generally I have been feeling very good in training. Coach Vaughan did not offer any predictions on race time, but told me to run the first mile hard! Given that I had been 18:4x in the last two 5ks I had run, I was not really sure a sub 18 was in the cards. To do that I would have run the same pace that I ran for the Penguin Run but do that for another 50% of that race. That seemed unlikely.

The temps race morning were right at 32 even with the sun coming up. It was cold! I parked at the north side of the Norbuck Parking lot, so that I could make a quick escape post race: Logan had a Futsal game at 11am and it would be cutting it close to get there in time. It was a long jog from there up to the registration tables on the other side of Peavy Road. I got all bundled up but was warmed up pretty good after running up that hill! After Registration I warmed up with a loop around Norbuck Park. That brought back lots of memories of years and years of training there. I finished with some hard strides and then headed back to the car to change into race gear. It was so cold that I had been thinking that I would wear a long sleeve shirt under my singlet. But after the warm up, I decided to screw that plan and just wear the singlet and gloves. And indeed, most everyone else was way overdressed!

I went out hard at the start and found myself in back of a bunch of hard chargers. I was a few meters behind Dawn G formally Dawn C. For the first mile I tried to keep in contact with Dawn although she was pulling away toward the end of that mile. As we approached the turn around I expected Dawn to head to the right for the 15K, but she was going left for the 5K! At the turnaround, I had the opportunity to check out who was in front. The first pack of three were all kids. No worries there. And then a few more including Keith D, aka RED SOX GUY! Yikes!

He had been far enough ahead that I had not even seen him. And he was a lot farther out in front of me than he had been in Sachse. (He told me after the race that when he saw me at the turn, he thought I was too close!) It was time to get to work. I thought he might slow down on the climb back up to mockingbird and that might be the place to catch him. But that plan did not work. My next plan then was to surge on the hill down to east lawther. That sucker is steep and he might not be that familiar with that hill. I worked hard to close the gap as we ran across the mockingbird bridge and then let loose with all of hells fury on the hill to east lawther as planned. I managed to just barely get in front of him and pushed hard on east lawther. He was hanging on for a while but I managed to break him. I was still feeling good. And now there was another kid 10 meters in front so I worked on passing him as well. As we hit the 9 mile mark for the 15K I pushed it as hard as I could. I knew that kid was not too far behind and as we made the final turn into the parking lot, right at the three mile mark I could hear that kid coming. I was going as hard as I could and he ran right by me like I was standing still. Then I saw the clock. 17:40. Holy Shit! I was pushing as hard as I could. The kid veered off to the right of the chute. Another Bandit! When I hit the line the clock read 17:56. 17:57 officially. Amazing. Fifth overall. First Master.

Jogr Egg Nogr
Mad Dash to go under 18. Red Sox Guy two back.

And TZ won his age group in the 15K!

Jogr Egg Nogr
Warm Down Run

Jogr Egg Nogr
First Geezer


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Great - my being "broken" is now public record for all the world to see! As suspected, my dreams are now haunted by flashbacks of a green Brooks jersey gliding by me in two consecutive races. But I gotta thank you for the motivation - I went for a long run on Sunday after the race and every time I felt like slowing down I pictured you going by me and it drove me to keep it up......good stuff!
You were huge motivation for me as well. I had a nice long one on Sunday too!

I am looking forward to the next time. Keep up the great work!
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