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Sunday, December 25, 2011
Jogr Egg Nogr

The Jogr Egg Nogr is traditionally one of the last races that I do each year. In 2010, I won overall masters and broke 18, which was a huge accomplishment. This year I was not as fired up coming into the race. I had a crappy track workout on Wednesday which I aborted due to lightning. And earlier in the week I had been notified that Brooks was dropping me from the ID program next year.

It was a beautiful morning to race, sunny and in the mid thirties when I got down to Norbuck Park. I had a nice warmup at Norbuck. I realized that I had not run there in a long, long time which was also kind of sad. From there I jogged up the hill to the start on Fisher.

Just before the gun went off I saw TZ a few rows back. The two high school kids that I ran against in the Penguin Run lined up right in front of me. As is the norm with this race, its hard fast downhill start. I was immediately in front of the one of the HS twins meaning I was running harder than Arlington but not too fast as the other twin was in front of me. As we got on the mockingbird bridge I notice a guy with lots of really long grey hair running out in front of me. And this guy was hammering. He was in front of the other twin!

At the turn I was really surprised with the number of people in front of me. LOTS more than last year. I was running with a group of HS runners and here I started picking them off one by one. Some of them would come back but I was still nailing them. Once we got back up on the bridge, the grey haired guy jumped in to the road, and I did the same. He had 200 meters on me at most, but I was not making much up on him. I still had the one HS twin in front of me and the other in back. Once I got down on East Lawther, I gave it everything I had. Robert Vaughan was not in his usual spot which was a big disappointment.

East Lawther

I kept pushing as we came back into Norbuck and came through in just over 18. Dang!

Just after me, KeithD AKA RED SOX GUY came through. I had not seen him at the start or during the race!

Well the grey haired guy turned out to be Chris Phelan - who is 55 years old. And that was the first time in over two years that I have been beat by someone older than me.

This year I was fourth master, but I did manage to win my age group.

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