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Thursday, May 09, 2013
Rock and Roll Half Marathon Race Report

I was not planning on running Rock and Roll this year, but Brooks asked me if I would be interested in an entry. Last year I was not really pleased with my race, so I decided I would focus some training on the race and hope for a cold day.

Training went well. The week before the race, the weather predictions were for temps in the low forties which sounded very good. Race morning it was right at 40 degrees but the wind was blowing 30 MPH out of the north making the wind chill in the high twenties. Wow!

Race morning I got up earlier than last year so that I could get a good parking spot at Fair Park and not have to wait for a bus to City Hall. Once at City Hall I had about forty five minutes to kill before warmup. I decided to see if it was possible to sneak into the Omni hotel. That was no problem. I went upstairs to the conference area and found a nice clean bathroom and a bench for a nap. Finally I started my warmup which was a loop around Reunion and then a bunch of strides on the grass in front of the Omni. Then it was decision time. What to wear in the race. I decided to go with singlet, shorts, gloves and hat. As you can tell from the photos - very few people made that choice!

Last year I had a problem getting a good position in Corral One. For whatever reasons, this year I walked right to the front. Jose Lopez was there. Scott Olden was there. And much to my surprise Dr William Moore was there. I also noted Ed Swiatocha. And then we were off!

Where is Waldo?

Within the first quarter of a mile Doc Moore came around to my right, which was strange since he lined up on my far left. I got behind him as we headed into the wind off the first turn. The next turn was down the hill in front of the school book depository where Kennedy was shot. Here I realized that the group I was with was going to pass Scott Olden. It was a big pack and I was drafting off the back just trying to keep it steady. I knew I must have been going well past the planned pace, but it felt OK. Side note: There were no clocks on the course due to the wind.

The course turns uphill after the first mile. I let the pack go and eased off up the hills. I was not too bad running up through Turtle creek. I was doing well clicking off miles at sub 6:30 pace. I hit Greenville ave and I was running solo at this point and was very exposed to the wind. I fought through that and finally go to skillman where I had the wind to my back. I clicked off two sub 6:10 miles there! I was feeling really good at this point. Much better than last year.

Finished in 1:23 two min better than last year. Second in my Age Group to Doc Moore and won a nice belt buckle as a result!

Only one mile over 6:30!

Belt Buckle for Second in the Age Group!

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